Fun Summer Art Project – mirror images

Want a fun easy project to do with the kids? All you need are makers, paper, water and imagination to make this fun summer art project. The best part? Even your toddlers can do this!  This is a great project for making cards and for homeschool families too!

Thin card stock paper
Water bottle
Cardboard or newspaper (for under picture)

Trace a picture using pencil on a piece of craft paper. Important: only draw on the top half of your picture as you will be folding it in half.  It helps to draw a line in pencil.
I recommend using a thicker paper than printer paper, construction paper usually does not hold up well to water either so go for a thin card stock.

Then color in the drawing with markers.


After you have drawn and colored your photo fold it in half. Spray the back of the colored side of the photo with water and use your hands to press the papers together.
You need the piece of cardboard or newspapers for under the picture.
Continue to spread the water on the paper until it is soaked through. Once both sides are wet you just separate the sides and leave it to dry.

Once it dries you can mount it on a piece of black paper and you have a wonder mirror image summer art project.




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  1. Erin Davis says:

    This is awesome! Our homeschool group, Classical Conversations, studies mirror image drawing/art the second week of each Cycle (year)! This is a perfect activity and am looking forward to using it! Thank you!

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