Xmas Wreath Idea – craft with plastic bags #Green #Eco #Free

I just love this Xmas Wreath idea – crafting with plastic bags to make a free holiday wreath is a great way to reuse and have fun.  What a great way to recycle those plastic bags we all end up with anyway.  My husband came home from the store and he had forgotten to take the reusable shoppers with him, so we had a ton of them.  I was standing there thinking about what to do with them when it hit me.  I should make a craft!  I tried making roses with them, but no luck.  I racked my brain for uses for my plastic bags and I remembered seeing this on the internet and decided to give this Xmas wreath idea a shot.


  • Store plastic shopping bags (about 20)
  • wire, wire hanger or cardboard
  • scissors
Xmas wreath idea

cut the cardboard in a circle

For this I had no wire so I cut a circle out of cardboard, it worked out fine but it would probably be easier to use a wire hanger.


Then I cut the bags in about 2 inch strips and tied them onto the circle. Once I had filled up the wreath I trimmed the pieces so they were all the same length and voilà!
A recycled Christmas wreath!
recycled christmas wreath

tie the plastic bag around the wreath

recycled plastic bag wreath

the finished product

free christmas wreath

greeting our guests at the door

You could also use tissue paper left over from Christmas if you want to make a wreath.  What do you think of this Xmas wreath idea?

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  1. Paula Lee says:

    Very cute!

  2. Cheryl B says:

    I made one of those a long long time ago and my daughter still uses it today. Some of the plastic got damaged so she cut another bag and fixed it. I put toys on it from when she was a kid and she added a few of her kids toys.

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