Untangling Doll Hair – Not for the weak

I usually try to avoid dolls with hair. Not because I do not think they are pretty (I do) but because I know my kids will not take care of it and I will end up spending a Saturday night brushing tangled doll hair.  Like last night.

Beware mothers who buy dolls with hair, usually it is your job to fix it.

In my experience, there are 4 kinds of doll owners:

  1. The kind that doesn’t care if the doll looks like a Rastafarian.
  2. The kind that LOVES brushing doll hair and can’t wait for another knot to show up to fix.
  3. The kind that teaches their kids to love brushing doll hair and sits back and reaps the benefits.
  4. The kind that normally just throws the doll out when they look like a hoarder (unless the kids find out and cry until you fix it).
I am number 4.  So, here we are. Cleaning the kids playroom when I come across Tangled with (surprise!) tangled hair!
Tangled doll hair

Tangled hair after a night of partying

tangled doll hair, knotty

I hate when this happens

This was some very serious knotting.  And if you have girls (or were a girl) you know there is nothing worse than knotty doll hair!

So, what to do? Well, this isn’t my first (tangled doll hair) rodeo.  I come prepared.

What you will need to repair doll hair that has tangled:

  • scissors
  • a good brush with plastic bristles (sturdy)
  • a spray bottle with water and a few drops of fabric softner.
  • hair ties
  • hair clip
First start by breaking the hair up in pieces to make it more manageable.
Then start brushing at the bottom, use the spray sparingly because you will need to let the hair dry before you are finished.  This will need some elbow grease, and it might look like the poor dolls head is going to be ripped off.
A. If it does you have the idea!
B. If your kid is traumatized by this maybe they will take better care of their dolls in the future!
Once the bottom of the hair is clear of tangles see if you can brush from the top. Typically this is where the mixture and the scissors will come in handy.  You will have to cut some of those knots out.
As always, patience pays off. I know you have much better things to do than to brush this dolls hair. You probably have kids hair that hasn’t been brushed this well in weeks.  But, your wonderful, adorable, knotty headed child loves this doll.  So BRUSH!
perfect doll hair not tangled

perfect doll hair

Once the hair has been all untangled the only thing to do is put it in a pony and then braid it.  This will help keep the tangles out for at least a week!  And a Rapunzel doll braid is perfect for most dolls.  So next time you have tangled doll hair, don’t fret! It only takes about 8 hours to brush out all the tangles and then you have a happy, smiling, knotty haired child!
messy hair kid, doll hair is perfect

She loves her untangled doll hair

Untangled doll hair in a braid

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  1. I will have to try your method next time (I am, in fact, really resisting the urge to run into my daughter’s room to get her dolls with gross matted hair right now!) I have been attempting this process with johnson’s no more tangles which is hit or miss for doll hair. i’ll keep you posted!


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