Organizing 2011- Starting off 2012 with a clean slate.


Whew, was your Christmas as crazy as mine? I feel like we worked on Christmas for the last 3 months! Wait, we did.  So now that it is over, what do we do now?  How about organizing 2011 to make way for 2012?

First, let’s make room for all the loot you and your kids got!

organized closet! Organizing 2011 tips



I know you keep thinking you will wear that bridesmaid dress again from 5 years ago, but guess what? If you have not already, you never will.  If you have made it a full year without wearing something in your closet, give it away to someone who will wear it!  Try organizing your 2011 closet to make way for your 2012 closet!

Same goes for shoes, if you have shoes you never wear give them away!  Those items are taking up valuable real estate in your closet.  Why keep something you only use occasionally when you can make room for things you will use all the time?

Kids have clothes they have outgrown?  Coats they rarely wear, shoes that do not fit? Make a pile of all these things because you are getting a tax deduction baby!

Drop off those items at your local thrift store to get a 2011 deduction, why wait till next year to get those deductions?

Get rid of old mismatched hangers that don’t seem to work or look ugly.  Add some organization for your shoes.  Move your winter items to the front to make them accessible for the upcoming cold weather.  Make sure you have matched gloves, socks and more readily available.  Clean out all your bags and fill them with the tissue paper from your presents so they keep their shape.

organized pantry ideas - organizing 2011 tips



After Christmas is a great time to reorganize your kitchen. Chances are you used a lot of things for your holiday preparation that you do not normally use. Did you have a hard time finding all the pieces to your chopper? Missing parts to the ice cream maker. Try getting rid of a few of those once a year gadgets. Really, who needs a slap chopper anyway?  Make room for some organized bliss in those cabinets.

Also make sure to go through all your spices to check for expiration dates.  Re-order them, if there are ones in the way back that you have not used all year try making a recipe with it and see if you even like it!  Why have Thyme if you can’t stand it? (I hate Thyme BTW!)

Clean out the fridge, too. Check the expiration dates on those condiments.  Clean out the veggie drawers.  Check the freezer for those items that are going to end up freezer burnt if you do not use them soon.

great idea for storing sheets - organizing 2011 tips


Always have a tough time finding your sheets and pillow cases? There is an easy solution. Go through your linen closet and match everything up.  If you have sets you never use or are very worn, maybe consider donating them as well.  Then fold yup the sheets and store them inside of one of the pillowcases for easy access.

Now is a great time to get new pillows for your bed also, start off the new year with some good sleep. I always wash my pillows and see how they fluff up before getting rid of them. Sometimes they are as good as new.

Flip your mattresses if you have flippable ones!  It is also a good time to move the beds and find all those long lost socks.

Go through your dressers, get rid of underwear, socks, bras, etc you have not worn in the last year.  Thin out your dressers to make room for some new items.

an organized medicine cabinet - bathroom - organizing 2011 tips


Organizing your bathroom is a great way to feel in control in the new year too. Go through your makeup, get rid of colors you do not like or have not used. Check expiration dates on your lotions, face creams etc.  Put out fresh new toothbrushes.  Replenish your hand soaps. Get rid of old travel things you have not used and are probably old. Replenish your Q-tips and more.  De clutter the medicine cabinet. Check to see if your perfumes are still good, some can start to smell off with age.  Clean all your makeup brushes and hair brushes.  Get rid of old magazines in the bathroom you no longer read.  And, add a lovely scented candle to the bathroom to freshen it up.

an organized playroom very retro

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The playroom probably needs the most work.  Go through and make sure everything has all the pieces, if not get rid of it.  No reason to keep puzzles that can’t be completed or games that can not be played.  This is also a great chance to go through all the crafts, get rid of the glues that have dried up and the broken crayons.   Make room for those new toys and fun!  Plus, by this point your kids may have outgrown a few things or they may never play with certain toys. You can donate those as well and make another child smile!


Those are my tips for organizing 2011.  So, what will you be doing to get ready for 2012?


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  1. In the crazy pre-holiday cleaning, I never really finished up in my kitchen (which just got overwhelmed once again) and my laundry/powder room, so I am starting there today…. before the rest gets messy again!

  2. Love these ideas. Look so neat. Not sure mine will ever look like that but at least you have inspired me to try. I love the chalk board on the pantry.

  3. Melissa says:

    Love this post! I’d like to link to it on my blog. I’m planning to move soon so organization is critical for me right now. I want to get some things in order so I don’t take clutter and chaos to my new house.

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