Nextbook Premium 8 review – Check out this trendy tablet

We are a family that enjoys electronics.  In my family of 5 people I have 2 computers, 3 laptops, 2 smart phones and now a tablet.  The Nextbook Premium 8 (from E Fun) is a wonderful addition to our family of gadgets.  It’s like the fun loving cousin every one wants to hang with.

Nextbook Premium 8

The Nextbook Premium 8 comes with the tablet, a USB cable, AC adapter, handy protective pouch, users manuals and quick start guides all for just $299.99.  This Nextbook Premium 8 is one groovy gadget.

First, I love the size, it is much smaller than a laptop, but big enough to watch movies or check email.  The screen in 8 inches, which is more than big enough to handle your needs for a tablet.  It also changes so you can use it horizontally or vertically, depending on your needs.

Nextbook apps

This tablet is great for lots of different types of users.

  • Kids – the easy sized apps and easy to find buttons will be great for little hands to use, plus the buttons are not so obvious to hit like on an ipad. Kids can play games and watch movies with ease.
  • Adults – check mail, surf the web, check out your social media, and more.
  • Students – take notes, pictures or video tape.  Plus you can download an app for voice recording during your classes.
  • Grandparents – watch movies and videos, look at photos, check social media and skype (once you download the app).
  • Moms – keep up to date on the go, the small size of this tablet allows it to fit comfortable in your bag.

Handy Nextbook side buttons

The Nextbook Premium 8 has a responsive touchscreen making it easy to use.  It also has handy buttons on the side to get back to the home screen and access other options.  It also comes packed with 25 free e-books to get you started on your reading.

You can download apps from the Amazon store and the Slide Me app store, most of them are third party apps, but I saw lots of favorites.
Some features of the Nextbook.  I am not going to bore you with all the details, just the basics.  You can read more about the Nextbook and all its features on the web page.
  • 8 inch screen
  • 4 GB memory
  • WIFI
  • Android Operating System
  • Adobe Flash
  • Kobo reader
  • Camera
  • Video recorder
  • Built in rechargeable battery
  • SD card slot
  • Office Suite Pro
  • Google search on the home screen

The size compared to my laptop

Overall, I really love the Nextbook Premium 8.  I envision myself taking it on vacation (soon I hope) to watch movies and entertain the kids.  My 2 complaints are pretty basic.  I do not like that the speakers are in the back, because it can be muted if it is laying down or disruptive to someone sitting across from you.  Also the camera is not very good.  Though I have not had a really sunny day to try it outside, inside the pictures were grainy and dark.  Other than that I have no complaints!  We use it daily and it works for each member of my family.

I received a Nextbook Premium 8 tablet to review at no charge, however opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. krissy wilson says:

    I would love to have that tablet, unfortunately I’m on ss disability with an 8 yr old. Limited income, but I really could use something like that! Very nice. :)

  2. Anand Shankar says:

    Even after getting skype on it (after rooting it) It was not able to make any video calls as skype does not recognise the from camera.

    Beware if you want it for skype!!!

  3. Curtis says:


    Good review I think. It is a nice tablet for the money and has been on sale at a lot of different places to make it more competitive with devices like the Amazon Kindle. The default app store isn’t very good and seems prone to downtime so getting the Amazon store seems essential to me. More hardcore users might be annoyed that they have to sideload a lot of stuff to get the apps they want but it should be a great device for people looking to get a low-end tablet for basic uses.

    The preloaded books are nothing fancy, just a sampling of some old classics that all the big ebook stores offer for free but they are nice to try out the device’s display and get a feel for what you might like. I’m also happy to say Kindle for Android works great on this device.

  4. crazyfornext says:

    Hi everyone out there!
    I ll start by saying that this piece of tablet pc next 8 Premium is amazing and does everything an expensive ipad does.
    The appearance is stunning, features are great. For those who are contemplating on buying on it, you have my recommendation.
    Although with the initial Android 2.3 gingerbread, everything doesn’t sound perfrct but its upgradeable allowing you to get the following features:
    upgradeable to Android 4.0 and is simply wonderful…. you don’t know what you have got for just 170 dollars!
    Perfectly working skype video calls
    Cool user interface
    Eye-shocking features
    Full access to Android Market without limitations
    Faster web browsing
    More clear image and video cam as well as Webcam
    And lots more
    Feel free to ask mè any question of your choice.
    For firmware upgrade information, find out from the store where the tablet is being purchased.
    Why waiting? Go get yours at an affordable price, for those who are Tech-maniac, all u need is just upgrading the firmware. Just as I did, am very please

    • How much does a 32gig SD-Card cost if I want to expand on this NextBook tablet?

    • fadhloy says:

      Hi, does the Nextbook have 3G or GSM network? Which means can a sim card be used to surf the net on the nextbook??

    • danyelle says:

      How do i forces it to upgrade. I feel like this is a really bad version of andriod. It doesnt even use the android market. It wont download programs all the way and I am really starting to get frustrsting.

    • MarlonT18 says:

      How can I upgrad the OS to 4.0?

  5. Can u I download. Other cliocks like on an smart phone cuz I’m getting the new nextbook for Xmas are they as fast as iPads?

  6. ibwom1 says:


    I just received my Nextbook Premium 8 tablet. Before I send it back on Saturday, how can I play movies (hulu plus) or any movie app or shop android market. It keeps gving me an error message and stating that it does not work with this system.

  7. chooi says:

    I purchase nextbook premium 8se for skype. I have downloaded skype. Contact can hear and see me. I can see contact but can’t hear them. Please advise how to fix problem

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